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6 replies

Reading errors in python

How can I read and understand the errors in python when I'm doing coding?

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39 votes
92 replies

What inspired you to program?

Hey everyone, I've been pondering a question for a while now a singular question which is: What inspired you to start programming? For me, it was the realization that there are no boundaries, and I ...

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12 votes
34 replies

For a beginner in android application development which language is better java or kotlin?

Which language is better to work for a beginner to start his journey in android application development ?

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0 replies

evolution online casino

Online casinos, evol playgrounds, and evolpick.com provide a variety of services to users. They meet the needs of users by providing a platform where they can safely and conveniently enjoy casino ...

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Online casinos, Evolpick playgrounds, and evolpick.com provide a variety of services to users. They meet the needs of users by providing a platform where they can safely and conveniently enjoy casino ...

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0 votes
1 reply

Access database in one AWS ligtsail instance in another instance

I have two web applications deployed in two instances of AWS Lightsail. Two different subdomains pointed to these instances by using Cloudflare. Let's say abc.example.com to instance-1 and xyz.example....

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0 votes
0 replies

Pythong logger and Rman spool log to ISSUE

Hi, i have a log file (for ex: xyz.log). Am setting up a python logger using def Logger(): return logging.getLogger(Logger_threading.currentThread().getName()). #have added required handlers and ...

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3 votes
2 replies

Vertex AI Pipeline

I have a vertex ai pipeline ("mypipeline") in a GCP cloud project. I am able to manually test the pipeline and view the results. The pipeline mainly takes some data, uses a model endpoint ...

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0 votes
0 replies

help create the button

i saw the button on instangram. when he clicks no button moving around the screen i want to learn which codes can help to moving part

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1 vote
5 replies

A simple example of how to use Laravel's reduceSpread() method

I am teaching myself how to use Laravel's collection methods (despite having no access to any Laravel projects professionally). I've come upon the reduceSpread() method, but I find the provided ...

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1 vote
4 replies

Jenkins, Terraform and AWS

I am being tasked to create a Jenkins job that would enable/disable AWS Config logs for a few separate accounts(I am using admin access, that gets me to all the accounts). I am fairly new and so far I ...

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0 votes
4 replies

No internet access if AWS lambda is associated with any VPC

So when AWS lambda function is associted with any VPC it looses its internet connection as per the information that was passed in this link here. And that is why we cannot access the ec2 recources if ...

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0 votes
0 replies

feature descriptor books/resources

could you please suggest some books/resources from where I could start learning about feature descriptors in theory from scratch.

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0 replies

Is there already a TypeScript 'type ... satisfies' feature request, and is that a good idea?

TypeScript (currently using 5.3) does not allow to use satisfies to express inheritance in the following way: type A = { color: string } type B = { color: string, flavor: string } satisfies A; ...

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0 votes
4 replies

Azure SQL Database: Does DTU Purchase Model have cold starts?

I'm pretty sure you guys are getting tired of my questions, but Azure's phone lines aren't working (according to the MS rep) and the information isn't clear. Screenshot below (in Spanish) from the MS ...

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